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Food Trucks in Nanaimo

By now everyone is very familiar with a phenomena that started about a decade ago in many cities where food is sold and served curbside from a truck or trailer with a kitchen on board. What started as hot dog carts in the park has grown to include a wide variety of foods served from […]

2015 Chamber Presentation to City Council

During the election, the Chamber of Commerce conducted a community awareness campaign with the goal of increasing voter turnout by one third. Several community organizations contributed to Nanaimo actually meeting that goal – a 30% increase in voting day turnout which has delivered new opportunities! As Council has been made aware, the Chamber operates independent […]

Social Enterprise Builds our Business Base

There’s a new business movement growing among us. It’s called ‘social enterprise’ and it’s coming to a corner store (or other business) near you. Get ready to compete… or collaborate. A ‘social enterprise’ is defined as a business organization – mainly non-profits — whose mission, conduct and revenue stream address a cultural, social and/or environmental […]

My Crystal Ball Is Clear On 2015

Since my stellar fortune telling last January, I’ve decided to use my January space to regale you with some forward looking predictions for Nanaimo in 2015. First off, construction on the Conference Centre hotel by SS Manhao will get underway much to the relief of many. Although it will take some time to unfold, all […]

Has It Been A Good Year?

‘Tis the season to be MORE than jolly. ‘Tis the season for our annual Business Achievement Awards. This year we are reflecting the Chamber’s “Successful Cities” program to underscore the importance of pursuing the driving principles of a successful city as we enter the new year. “Successful Cities” are defined as vibrant, convivial, urban settings […]

Celebrations Coming to an End

It’s been a great year in Nanaimo, in fact it’s one of the best we can remember in our 125 year history. We have marked this momentous occasion a number of ways as we took the year to examine our past and plan our way ahead for the future. We started by rechristening our annual […]

Nanaimo Quarterly Economic Update

Nanaimo Quarterly Economic Update Q3 2014 A look at the Nanaimo economic conditions, July to September 2014. Employment (Source: Statistics Canada Labour force survey) There were 50,100 persons employed in Nanaimo in Sept of 2014, which is up 100 persons from Sept 2013.  In total, 54,400 people were in the labour force in Sept of […]

All Candidates Meeting

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce released its plans for the 2014 Nanaimo All Candidates Forum on November 4 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre starting at 5 pm in preparation for the November 15th civic election. “We believe we have a unique approach to getting information from candidates to voters, recognizing that educated voters […]

Green Light Given to 59 for Voting Day

Last Friday at 4 pm, the City of Nanaimo closed off nominations for Mayor, City Council and School Board Trustees. A total of 59 have decided to put their best foot forward, or at least whatever foot they have to step into this race with. Here at the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, we’ve just […]