Did you know…

WorldHost (previously known as SuperHost), was first introduced in 1985 to prepare BC’s tourism workforce to host the world at Expo 86. Since then, over 450,000 British Columbians have participated in WorldHost training and helped establish BC’s world-class reputation for service.

And, did you know…
•    the average business never hears from 96% of its unhappy customers?
•    a dissatisfied customer may tell 9 or 10 people about their experience?
•    for every complaint received the average company has 26 customers with similar concerns?
•    70% will do business again if the complaint is resolved effectively?
•    95% will do business again if resolved quickly and effectively?

We can help!
The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce has been offering the series of WorldHost programs for over 10 years. We offer:
~ the one-day Fundamentals workshop that teaches front-line employees the skills and techniques that form the basics of service professionalism.
~ the two to three hour Sales Powered by Service workshop designed to increase the effectiveness of front-line employees.
~ the two to three hour Solving Problems through Service workshop designed to transform front-line employees into effective problem-solvers.

Other workshops are available and all can be customized to suit any business that wants to ensure they provide their clients with the best customer service possible. WorldHost recognition is fast becoming a must-have for any business with customer-facing staff.

The program’s excellence is recognized internationally. Call now for more information 250-756-1191.