Chamber Overview

About Us

The Chamber is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members and a professional staff of 4. The work of the Chamber is carried out by staff and volunteer committees and task forces.

Mission Statement

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce strives to enhance the quality of life in our community by providing opportunities for businesses to succeed.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization comprised of businesses, professionals, residents and community groups working collectively to ensure a healthy economic base and positive socio-economic structure that benefits Nanaimo. The Nanaimo Chamber receives no government funding and relies solely on membership dues and other fundraising events to support its activities. This independence from government funding frees the Chamber to be a strong, independent advocate on behalf of the business community, so we truly are the Voice of Business.

How does the Chamber of Commerce Work?

The operation of the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce is governed by its by-laws.  The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by its Board of Directors, who is elected by the membership. The Directors employ staff who are responsible for organizing and executing Chamber programs and promoting Board policies.

What does your Chamber of Commerce do?


The Chamber represents and promotes business in Nanaimo. The Chamber seeks to bring the concerns of the Nanaimo business community to all levels of government. Through focus groups and roundtables, the Chamber seeks input from its membership which is presented to the appropriate levels of government. Read more.

Member Services

As a membership organization, we are committed to providing our members with benefits and services. To keep our members informed, the Chamber organizes a wide variety of programs, initiatives and networking events.