The Chamber always encourages residents to get out and vote in every election but we always stress that municipal elections for local government are the most important democratic processes to make sure you have your say in. Local government is so involved in our day to day lives from the moment we turn on water taps in the morning, to our travel to work and school on city roads, to our recreational activities at the end of the day — and everything in between.

This year we will provide reminders on how to vote and where to vote and promote through social and traditional media right up until election day – October 20th. And this year we’ll also offer up discussions around civic election issues through our online blogs, facebook and twitter feeds, and in newspaper op-eds and radio editorials.

We can’t encourage voters enough to inform and educate themselves about the candidates before heading for the polls. We’ll help you find that information through posts on this web page and links to information resources.


Candidate Debate (October 15 Select Candidate Debate) Application Questions

In 250 words or less per response, please answer the following 4 questions.

  1. How would you describe the role you are seeking (mayor or councillor) and how do your skills, experience and qualifications prepare you to take on this serious and complex role?
  2. Outline the approaches and actions you think council should take to help foster a prosperous, vibrant, sustainable and diverse Nanaimo economy and community.
  3. Describe your vision, approach and tactics for how you as a council member and council as a body should engage with its various partners, stakeholders and constituents.
  4. Nanaimo Council is served and supported by a series of committees. How should these committees be structured, mandated and governed?

Candidate responses must be received at by 12:00 pm (noon), September 24. All responses will also be posted to the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and OurNanaimo websites. For further details on the debate application process, and more information on these candidate forums, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.