Do You Want to Reinvigorate Your Workplace Culture and Boost Productivity?

Developed in partnership with UVIC’s Gustavson School of Business, the Building Resiliency to Thrive program will help small and medium sized businesses stay viable and adapt to compete in the future. 

This 6-week online training program, created for SMEs, offers solutions to help mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic by teaching businesses how to re-engage their customers, adjust their workplace cultures, and adapt their business models.

The program features six, one-hour weekly webinars delivered by award-winning educators Dr. Mark Colgate and Prof. Brian Leacock, including:

The Power of Context & Unconscious Bias

Build workplace diversity and strength

Emotional Intelligence

Recognize, understand and manage the emotions of yourself and others

The Power of Coaching in Business

Develop and draw on the strengths of your team

Hiring and Managing a Diverse Team

Discover diversity leading to innovation and creativity

Improving Customer & Colleague Experience

What creates a desirable and memorable experience

Adapting Service Strategies

Define perspective, position, plans, and patterns

This program is offered in 2 remaining cohorts:

January 12th to February 16th

Every Tuesday, 11 am to 12 p.m. PST

February 24th to March 31st

Every Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST

The cost for this program is $35 + tax for Chamber members, and $70 + tax for non-members.

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