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It started with a recipe book for recreational boaters, and evolved into a company that takes pride in making events memorable, because of the food. That’s Sea Salt Food Company.

With a creative drive, Chef Hilary Malone strives to deliver seasonal menus with flair. She sources ingredients from local farmers and food producers, and like a restaurant fresh sheet, what she can offer in June differs from a menu she creates in August.

This focus on serving local food makes it more challenging, but that’s what makes them stand out. Constantly rewriting menus, Sea Salt Food Company takes approachable ingredients and plays with the flavours. Attention is also given to the visual art of presentation to enhance the experience of enjoying food, and not just for nutrition or energy. Clients feel that the food is special before they even eat it.

Sea Salt Food Company is involved in a variety of events. Private functions are particularly appealing for people with food allergies or sensitivities. Clients enjoy a first class meal, without the worry of contaminated food. And, their kitchen looks like nobody was ever there. Sea Salt also does local weddings, or in other destinations, like Tofino, or even on boats.

Corporate functions have been particularly successful for clients like BMW Mercedes, Vancouver Island University, and Meyers Norris Penny. Clients love the elevated presentation and attention to detail. It impresses their guests, and everybody feels like they’ve had a quality experience.

Sea Salt Food Company also produces gift crates that have some of their own menu items, but also include locally-sourced food and gift items. They make great client or staff appreciation gifts.

For Chamber members who are looking for fun food presented beautifully, for business or personal, contact Chef Hilary at Sea Salt Catering.

Written by Bonnie Chomica

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